2010-01-30 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Jan. 21: A Newark man was cited for passing a school bus when its red lights were flashing.

• Jan. 22: A Walnut Road woman reported her nephew assaulted her. She didn’t press formal charges.

• Jan. 23: A Rushville man was warned for speeding, but cited for not wearing a safety belt.

• Jan. 23: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol apprehend a Kirkersville man and a Pataskala man who stole a van, wrecked it, then fled the scene. The men attempted to hide from police within Buckeye Lake Village. They were charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

• Jan. 24: An officer was dispatched to Hebron Road, where a Cliff Street man passed out in the middle of the road near Albanese’s IGA. Two friends were trying to help him stand. The man was cited for walking along a highway intoxicated.

• Jan. 24: A Walnut Road woman reported someone stole several items from her boat.

• Jan. 26: A Newark man was cited for driving the wrong way on a one-way street.


• Jan. 10: A Heath Police officer called police about serving a warrant on a woman believed to be in Hebron. Her sister told police she was at a Newark address.

• Jan. 11: Police on patrol at 1:54 a.m. saw a fishing chair and an augar next to a vehicle in the parking lot at the Canal Road apartments. Police checked the area and upon returning noticed that the items were missing. After further checking, police learned that a resident had removed the items from his vehicle to make room for passengers for a trip to the store. When he returned, he put the items back in the vehicle.

• Jan. 12: Police were asked to trespass a man from McDonalds after he attempted to steal a soft drink and pushed an employee who confronted him. Police identified the man from a security tape and gave him the trespass warning.

• Jan. 12: Police were dispatched to a reported active domestic dispute on Lake Forest Drive. The male half had left before police arrived. The female told police her husband had taken their daughter with him. She gave police some paperwork about custody. Police noted that the man is the biological father and told her it is a civil dispute. The woman got upset, grabbing the paperwork and cursing the officer. Police left.

• Jan. 12: Police were called after a woman reported that her husband came to her work and started a verbal argument. The complainant and her manager asked that he be trespassed from the property. Police advised him.

• Jan. 12: A Kelly Drive woman reported the theft and vandalism of several ornaments her door. She told police she believed her ex-husband’s girlfriend did it. Her daughter spent the previous night with them, reporting that her dad and his girlfriend got into an argument and that the girlfriend left for awhile.

• Jan. 12: A Sands Drive resident asked police to walk through her home following an incident earlier that day with her estranged husband. Everything was OK.

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