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Reed story sparks memories


I want to thank you for publishing the article on Mr. Jim Reed written by Kim Garee. Kim’s story portrayed Jim Reed as the man I remembered from years ago, except for the gray hair. It was a magnificent way to start the Beacon’s year with a positive message - and not a negative controversy.

I knew Jim and Rudy well many decades ago as a young child, and I agree that Mr. Reed is a great man.

Unfortunately, I have not had contact with either in many decades. As a young child I heard many great stories about Jim and his prowess as a baseball player from my father. My dad was a catcher on the same team for which Jim was the pitcher, as I understand the stories. Dad told me how incredibly hard and fast Jim could throw the baseball. If possible, please publish the attached photo from Aug. 18, 1954. Many members of this Little League team including Jim Reed and my dad went on to become Ohio High School baseball champions.

I believe my father also had the privilege of coaching Rudy, with Scott Brown, Craig Mathias, George Scheidecker, Dan Shell and a few others in Little League baseball for a season. Rudy was extremely young, as were all of the Little Leaguers. I have vivid memories of watching Rudy and his team mates play at Johnson Park, behind Liberty Union High School, as dad coached. I was too young to play at the time so I watched most practices and games. I later became one of Mr. Reed’s students. That was about 35 years ago. I still remember some of his stories from class. Of all my teachers at Liberty Union, he was one of the most memorable.

Thank you again, Kim Garee, for such an uplifting, positive story to start the New Year, and new decade.
Rob Robinson
Buckeye Lake

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