2010-01-30 / Editorials & Letters

Join BLACA, make your voice heard


The Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association is a group of civic minded area residents who wish to promote our region and better our standard of living. This helps to improve and maintain property values, but also help those that live here better enjoy our lifestyle. These are simple goals, but not always easy to accomplish.

Recently, our quarterly newsletter had an article on high powered “speed” boats on Buckeye Lake. While not wishing to cause a stir, this article has certainly riled a few residents. Based on conversation, letters to the editor, and emails we at least know that the newsletter is being read- – that is encouraging!

This, like many important issues, is something that anyone who lives on or enjoys the lake must deal with every summer. Our article was not intended to give our view as trustees, but to bring up an issue that some members brought to our attention last boating season. Unless we ask for input, we only know the beliefs of the folks that complained in the first place. We appreciate the input from all sides.

My main point is this, the reason this article has received so much attention is because people know that BLACA is highly involved and communicates regularly with our state park manager, local and state politicians, watershed and water quality associations, and more. BLACA has a history of getting things accomplished since 1947. I invite you to visit our website at buckeyelakecivic.org and see what our group has done for our region.

Finally, there is strength in numbers and for only $10 we offer the most affordable membership around. The dam, more development, dredging, flooding – these are just some of the issues facing us now and in the future. Please join us and make your voice heard.
Tony Spring
VP Buckeye Lake Area Civic Assoc.

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