2010-01-16 / Editorials & Letters

Don’t ban fast boats from lake


The most recent issue of the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association’s newsletter had an article about high powered boats on Buckeye Lake. That article on page three in The Shoreline included a photo of a socalled “Cigarette Boat.”

If that photo was taken at Buckeye Lake you could see the other side. Obviously, the photo was taken from somewhere else since the boat in the photo is going so fast. The article mentioned only three boats on the lake are too fast. Only three are too fast?

There are fishing boats that go as fast, as some of these so called “Cigarette Boats”. I guess you don’t count them because they have poles and lures in their boats? The story said most of us would prefer that these boats bebanned. Who are most of us?

When fishing season resumes are you going to ban the fast fishing boats? Some of the neewer pontoon boats should be banned as well since they have just as much power. Oh yeah, and the personal watercrafts should also go.

How about checking out other places that have important “no wake zones” in coves you don’t even bother to check out. We have seen pontoon boats, fishing boats and personal watercrafts just fly through making wakes and eating up the shorelines. I guess if you lower boat speeds, you will be left with a lot of homes for sale, because most people bought out here to have a good time. We are safe drivers unlike a lot of others who don’t know how to maneuver a boat or personal watercraft. Buckeye Lake just isn’t for retirees anymore. People live out here to enjoy ourselves and to clean it up. Look around you, what do you have here at Buckeye Lake? Most of it is an eye sore and you’re complaining about a few fast boats? Take a deep breath. What about the eye sores and homes and yards full of trash? I pick up trash and debris out of the water all year long even when I am in my fast boat. Can you answer those questions?

Ronnie & Ann Collins Harbor Hills

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