2009-12-12 / Editorials & Letters

Writer thought Dupler was going to stop attacking the fire department


This letter is directed to Walnut Township Trustee Sonny Dupler. After the night at the local school for the “meet the candidate” night, I was pleased to hear you back off on your on-going squabble with our local fire department and felt that you and Fire Chief Bill Yates were back on even ground.

But I was wrong – for I just read an article in The Beacon about your attacking the issue once again. Oh, what a re-election does to a man. Get over it, Sonny.

We need the best fire department we can have. You better come to the reality that if you yourself have a heart attack, you best pray that either Bill Yates or one of his finely trained crew is standing over you. Enough said about that.

Now let’s talk about the dump on Route 37 that you and your crew have let happen – the dump which you said was in the courts in Lancaster, and would never happen. Coming back recently from Lancaster and into our beautiful Walnut Township, I wondered why the old tire shredding building has never been torn down and removed from the landscape (another Walnut Township mistake from years back). Then my eyes fell on a dump being started at the site where we as voters never approved – legal or not, there it was/is.

Perhaps this will entice you to again push all the snow onto the 15 driveways on the south side of Shepard Avenue, and not onto the north side where there is only one used driveway.
Noel Dusan
North Bank, Walnut Township

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