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‘Watchdog’ still sniffing around Kirkersville


At the December council meeting, Kirkersville Police Chief Mark Bossa presented maintenance logs that showed the mileage on cruiser KI as being approximately 110,550 miles in May, 2009. However, according to public records, the mileage on this same cruiser (the old cruiser that they don’t use now) was entered by Bossa as being 110,412 in July, 2009 when he allegedly put fuel in this cruiser!

On the first day of October, Bossa notes on his log sheet that he left an auto parts store in Buckeye Lake and then went to the carwash where he spent about 35 minutes. BUT, on the same day, Bossa notes that he took the same cruiser home at the end of his shift to “wash and polish!”

On another day in October Bossa notes that he and Officer Couch went to pick up K2 at a repair shop at 3:30 in the afternoon. However, Officer Couch’s log sheet shows that they went at 6:30 that same afternoon!

The safety committee questioned why Bossa spent about 2 1/2 hours on the clock at the uniform shop in Columbus. Bossa said that Columbus Officers had been scheduled ahead of him at the uniform shop and he had to wait for them to finish with those officers. Bossa was asked if the uniform shop has to custom fit the officers. He said, “No.”

The safety committee also told Bossa that they were informed that he had spent time in the clerk’s office looking for an ordinance regarding the vacation pay for the chief. Bossa said the ordinances are the law and he needs to know the law.

Also according to public records, it looks like Bossa was paid for at least three hours that he didn’t work because of an addition error on one of his time cards.

And I am still on a mission at the Licking County dog pound to make the pound a more humane place for the animals. Did you know that the dog pound is selling DEAD cats to Great Lakes Biological who is owned by a couple in Michigan who also sell live animals to research laboratories?

I am told that a family drove from Dublin to adopt a dog from the pound. They got there five minutes before the pound closed. The pound would NOT adopt to them because it was too close to closing time! So not only have they shortened the hours they’re available to the public, now the public has to realize that they won’t adopt to them if it is too close to closing time!

When you present the County Commissioners with a complaint, Commissioner Tim Bubb often says, “we’re not going to micromanage our departments.” But, Tim, maybe you should be micromanaging! BAN THE GAS CHAMBER! Let’s make this pound a humane place to be…in more ways than one!
Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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