2009-12-05 / News

It’s over; Dupler reelected by one vote over Yates

By Charles Prince

LANCASTER – It’s over. Walnut Township Trustee Sonny Dupler was reelected by a one vote margin over Millersport Fire Chief Bill Yates.

Dupler’s one vote lead in the certified results didn’t change after Monday’s automatic recount. That recount takes a 5 percent sample of the vote, Yates said. Fairfield Beach Precinct B was selected for the hand recount. The recount in that precinct matched the certified results.

Four provisional ballots in Walnut Township weren’t opened, meaning the Board of Elections determined that they didn’t meet the minimum qualifications. One, Yates said, was left in the door at the Board of Elections. He didn’t object to their exclusion.

Yates witnessed the one precinct recount. “I was totally amazed about ow many people didn’t even vote for trustee,” he said. He also noted that their were three overvotes in that precinct which means these voters selected more than the maximum two candidates. Overvotes are not counted for that race.

Yates is disappointed, but satisfied with the process. “Everything was transparent,” he added. “I have more confidence in the system than I ever had, at least in Fairfield County.”

Dupler was present and accompanied by an attorney for the recount “I shook his hand and said good luck,” Yates said.

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