2009-12-05 / Editorials & Letters

Writer appalled by leaf dumping in canals, lake


I have only lived here for 3 1/2 years. I am learning the habits of this area.

Burning leaves is one of them, which is not the problem. But, DUMPING your leaves in the creek beside Copper Penny Road is a normal thing???

I know there are some consequences for our actions. But, it seems people don’t care. The lake gets those leaves eventually. Which I would think causes problems for fish, boaters and property owners trying to keep the lake from being so shallow and trying to keep the lake as clean as possible.

There have been news articles addressing this. It’s not just an article to read and ignore, it is something we should abide by.

I was out of town during the June 2008 storm when that creek over flowed and many residents were wondering when it was coming into their homes.

So, if that happens again, a lot of debris will be flowing out of that creek and not just water.

I don’t mean a little dumping, I mean many many wheelbarrows full. Nature blows leaves off the trees and where they land we have no control.

But, to blatantly dump stuff in our waterways is rude, crude, and stupid.

PLEASE think about what you are doing. Thank you!
Margo Roop
Thorn Township

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