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Anniversaries are very important to businesses


Happy 20th Anniversary to Bill and I. People don’t understand just how important an anniversary of business is. Since we are self employed we treat anniversaries as proof we are doing something right. Marriage and business has many things in common.

When you first get married SOME people say it isn’t going to last. When you go into business for yourself MANY people say it isn’t going to work. But because some people have FAITH they have the strength they need to make it work.

In marriage, you have children and in business you have employees. Sometimes they don’t do what you expect and it causes a rift because the spouses/partners stress different and place different importance on them. It’s how you handle that stress that defines your character. That’s HOPE.

Marriages and businesses after a while are taken for granted by the ones who care for you because they know you’ll be there for them when they call.

Children/customers will ask things of you that they would ask no other to do; because they are special!

Spouses/partners sometimes need to a shoulder to lean on during weak/slow times. A strong marriage/business knows the others’ needs and gladly shoulder the extra weight.

That’s BELIEF.

Good Marriages/Businesses give as much of themselves till they can’t do anymore and then the line is set; and then they take care of the ones that is most important.


So the fact is if you have made it as long as you have you have proven some/ many people wrong. It has lasted because of the people you are. You have survived good children/ good employees leaving the nest and becoming good adults. You have chosen an extra few to love through children’s friends/employees siblings. You have been faithful to yourself in your dealings with others. You have achieved what others doubted for this you are blessed in your marriage/business.

Anniversaries are important because someone needs to say you have done a good job to make it a good thing what your choice was so many years ago.

We are fortunate to be married 23 years in June and in partnership in business for the last 20 years of it.

Thank you to our family, friends, and customers.
Ria Fox
Baltimore & Walnut Township

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