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Tory defends The Beacon


Here I am enjoying the Florida sun and reading The Beacon which I seem to get about two weeks later than everyone else. Then I saw Karen Cookston’s Letter to the Editor in the Oct. 24 Beacon.

OMG, where do I begin? I’ll start with… if you dislike Charlie and The Beacon so much why did you use it to broadcast your opinions. By the way, he prints all signed letters, even those criticizing him or his paper. Why didn’t you write your feelings in The Shopper?

Here is my opinion, Karen. You take advantage of every situation to get what you want and you have left a trail behind you that even a blind person can follow. To be frank, I find you to be a dangerous and destructive person. I’ll leave the door open just a little though. What great things have you done for the Buckeye Lake area? Maybe I missed something.

So you think Charlie should praise the fire department because they had a great parade. Maybe he could praise the police department for selling the most guns to felons as well. Both departments are seriously broken and need to be fixed. My feelings on them are no secret.

Charlie doesn’t have to dig up anything in Buckeye Lake. In fact, he doesn’t come to your meetings. Now that water is coming to the village, it will undoubtedly grow. I have huge hope for the new mayor as well. But how many people went to the polls and voted who live in the Village of Buckeye Lake? There’s your sign!

Charlie has run for Union Township Trustee three times and each time I was elated he didn’t win. Township residents don’t deserve his service. They made a huge mistake, but one I am more than happy to live with. He would have exhausted himself working for the people of Union Township because he has integrity.

Most people don’t know the man; they only know The Beacon. That’s like comparing the stars to an apple. Charlie, if you took the time to get to know him (which isn’t easy unless you’ve worked beside him on a project) is one of the smartest people around on most any subject. He is quite unassuming and very caring. I asked him a long time ago to move his paper to another town. He said “No, I like the village. I have hope for it. I would like to see it prosper.”

Whatever, I’m still watching and waiting. I want it to prosper as well because as I’ve said in the past, it should be and could be the crown jewel of the Buckeye Lake area.

I asked him why he wanted to run for trustee as if he didn’t already have enough on his plate. He said, “ I can’t make a difference in the federal government. I can’t make a difference in state government. But I can make a difference in my own township. – a big difference.”

Union Township Trustees have a gold-plated health insurance plan 100% paid with your tax dollars. I wish I had half of what they have in health insurance. On that issue alone I can’t believe the current trustees weren’t replaced.

Do you think Mr. Black is going to go in there and reduce that health insurance plan? Charlie would have gotten that job done first and foremost. In his mind, the people come first because they put you there to work for them. It’s a me-me-me world, but that’s not Charlie.

If I were to try and list all the things he has done for the Buckeye Lake area, it would fill the paper. Yes, Charlie is my friend, but I love this paper and Charlie is the publisher, editor and the only investigative reporter I know. (That’s saying something since my family owns the Columbus Dispatch.) The Beacon is one of a kind and we are incredibly lucky to have it. It’s owned by Charlie and Mary Prince for those of you who don’t know. For those of you who don’t like The Beacon, quit reading and writing in it. Dah!

Victoria Wolfe West Bank

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