2009-11-14 / Editorials & Letters

Writer angered by Heath vote to shut down cameras


Congratulations to Heath residents who have now voted to not enforce the law, when they voted to shut down traffic cameras. This will allow you to return to your daily illegal activity of speeding and running red lights.

What is next for Heath on the next Election Day? Maybe you could place on the ballot issues that “legalize convenient store robberies,” “legalize sex offenders,” or maybe “no police allowed in Heath”. These examples may sound extreme, but think about how many deaths are caused by speeding and running traffic lights. Heath government was just trying to enforce the law, but Heath residents did not want the laws enforced.

Governments are elected to represent the residents and the government is required to enforce the law, but when the government does their job there is an upraising. The cameras were called a “speed trap.”, Yes it was; it trapped speeders – people breaking the law.

Here’s another example. Someone just robbed your home and the police knew the robbery may happen so they waited for the robber outside your home and “trapped” the robber. Under Heath resident beliefs, the robber was illegally “trapped.” The “alleged crime” should be placed on the ballot so you could vote to have all charges dropped and let the robber keep the stolen items.

But wait, the cameras “validated our civil rights.” What rights? If you are speeding you are breaking the law and if your speeding causes an accident, what about the civil rights of the person you hit?

Nice going Heath residents! You are officially on the downhill slide to “it’s all about me, not what is good for the community.”

Craig Smith Fairfield Beach

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