2009-11-14 / Editorials & Letters

‘Watchdog’ wants Licking County to ban its gas chamber


According to public records, the lives of 271 dogs were ended at the Licking County Animal Shelter (aka the dogpound) between January 1, 2009 and October 7, 2009. Of those 271, only 10 dogs were Euthanized By Injection (EBI). The remaining 261 dogs were gassed to death. These figures are only for dogs; while they do gas many cats, the majority of them are destroyed by EBI.

My mission is to get rid of the gas chamber in Licking County. It is barbaric; inhumane; and, according to a study by the American Humane Association, costs MORE to operate than humanely euthanizing these animals by injection.

The gas chamber has been used improperly (some dogs were gassed two times) and many of the animals are not sedated before they are gassed to death. It sometimes takes 25 minutes to end the life of an animal in the gas chamber. That is NOT acceptable and, according to Ohio Law, that is not legal! The Ohio Revised Code section 959.06(A) states “No person shall destroy any domestic animal by the use of a high altitude decompression chamber or by any method other than a method that immediately and painlessly renders the domestic animal initially unconscious and subsequently dead.”

Surveillance tape shows that dead animals are dragged from the gas chamber to the incinerator where the public driving by could easily view this disgraceful treatment of the remains of our companion animals.

This may be an issue that you don’t want to know about, but it is an issue that you, the public, need to help stop. Contact your county commissioners, Tim Bubb (tbubb@lcounty.com), Doug Smith (dsmith@lcounty.com) and Brad Feightner (bfeightner@lcounty.com) by email or by phone at 740-349-6000 and tell them you want to BAN THE GAS CHAMBER!

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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