2009-11-07 / Editorials & Letters

Ria puts Firebowl to rest


This is the last thing I have to do to put the final Firebowl to rest. If there anything I have learned in the last ten years is that everyone thinks what they do for their cause is more important. I started Firebowl knowing it wasn’t the most important and sometimes not even necessary but it was something I could do so I did it.

On Saturday, Oct. 10, we raised $1,950 during our bowling event at Starlite Lanes. Brad Williams donated the lane time and shoes and he has automated scoring so it was a pleasure for all of us.

If you sent a check you have by now received a thank you card from me and if you gave cash to a bowler; Thank you. I personally only had two sponsor’s this year so a big “Thank you” to Tom Jones Insurance Company of Millersport and Thornville Pharmacy.

Joanie Hines won Women’s High Score and John Addison won Men’s High Score.

John Layton, a fire fighter, raised the most money and will receive the new Fire Helment donated by Bullard. Jared Poling, a fire fighter, sold the most raffle tickets for the Wheeling Island Raffle and Dave Whetstone of Thornville won the “Getaway Package”; hopefully he will use it for his birthday on November 18th.

There is only one other person that was at all 10 Firebowls, so I have to acknowledge this important person in my life – Bill Fox, my life partner for 24 years, my business partner for 20 years, and my gambling buddy for 10 years. My thanks to him for being there every day no matter what happens in our crazy life. The best way to describe our relationship is this: I am the flamethrower and he is the fireman!

So Firebowl is over and I did what I said I would do: stick a fork in me because I am done!

In friendship,

Ria Fox

Thurston/Walnut Township

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