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‘Records belong to the public’


I received an email in early October from someone who tried to be anonymous. However, you are almost never anonymous if you are on the Internet. I found that the email address belongs to a woman who apparently is the daughter of former Kirkersville Police Officer, Dana Russell (the same officer whose wife sent me an insulting email a couple of months ago). Part of her email said “a little bird told me you like to have a few…drinking is bad for you.” My response to her is that her entire email is full of FALSE accusations and she should tell her “little bird” to be very careful about spreading lies and using other people to harass someone.

Former police officer Dana Russell’s tour of duty ended in Kirkersville on September 30th. He turned in a written resignation saying he was retiring as a police officer effective September 30, 2009. Russell was formerly a police officer in Shawnee Hills with Chief Mark Bossa.

Two members of the finance committee (Woods and Temple) wanted to make a rule that a council member must request copies (of whatever bills, etc. they wanted to see) on a council night or they would have to pay for the copies. I was also told that the finance committee had considered keeping financial records from me until they reviewed them at a meeting.

Actions such as these are typical of GOB’s (Good Ole Boys). To be fair, Brian Denton did speak up and remind members that they cannot make a council member pay for copies of records. All members need to realize they need these records to do their job properly and the records BELONG TO THE PUBLIC not the finance committee!

Some people think you can run a public office as you would a business. In some aspects you can…BUT…too many public officials forget who’s the boss and who’s the employee! You work FOR THE PEOPLE! Public officials who purposely ignore that fact are GOB’s!

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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