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One more Letter: ‘Thankful for the little White Church at the Lake’


I see the little white church that stood at the edge of the lake. This is where we learned to sing, Jesus loves Me Yes I know.

I remember Hebron Elementary where we learned the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag as “One Nation under God.” This same flag I have seen fly proudly high above our Nations Capital.

I walked the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery to honor the brave who died to keep our great nation free.

I stood proud of my service to my country at the Viet Nam Memorial Wall. Remembering that we all gave some but to these my brothers whom gave all I shall never forget.

I stood in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty with her torch lighting the way to this the land of liberty.

I have seen the rising of the sun out of the Atlantic and watched as it slowly went sinking into the Pacific at day’s end.

I sat on the oceans shore and watched the tides roll in and stayed to watch as they rolled away again.

I sat on these same sandy shores with new found friends singing songs of praise and the ballads of the day.

I withstood the furry of a hurricane as it battered this beach that’s become so much a part of me.

I have slept beneath the Colorado Spruce and awoke from under the canopy of the Georgia Pines.

I lay many nights crying out in prayer that I would see the dawn of a new day.

I have listened to the roar of Niagara’s great falls and to the sounds of water moving across the stones of a brook.

I have watched the clouds and wondered at the stars of night.

I have crossed the Great Plains and seen the amber waves of grain.

I have looked upon the purple mountains majesty while climbing Pikes Peak to see the snow capped Rockies’ of the west.

I see the beauty of the Appalachians as they turn a kaleidoscope of colors under the autumn sun.

I remember grandmother making breakfast on an Appalachian Sunday morning before we all went to church.

I remember the death of a president, then his brother, and a Baptist minister who had a dream for all.

I have also seen the death of family and friends. My father kneeled beside his bed in prayer. When asked what he was praying for, he replied “Just One More Day.”

I have seen the birth of my children and then my grandchildren and watched as they played.

I watched as a wife waited for her husband to read those words written in red.

I stood in the middle of a Central Ohio corn field and was returned to the discarded values of the past.

I will always be thankful for life’s blessings and for that little White Church at the Lake.

Steve Thorp Licking Township

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