2009-11-07 / Editorials & Letters

More Letters: Montell wants election ugliness to stop


Thanks one and all for your support and help provided during this election. I pray the winners of Liberty Township will be our residents, and feel great concern for the forward progress now in place.

As in past elections ugliness once again reared its head and personalities were attacked early, late and often. It is time for this to stop! It is time to understand township responsibilities are no longer simply roads, meetings and indecision, but an array of issues such as zoning, land use, law suits and education while working within the Ohio Revised Code and The Ohio Sunshine Laws.

I respect the results of our election and will work with those placed in office to provide the best practices and quality of life we can provide for our community. Congratulation to Mr. Kemmerer and Mr. Keller as their term begins. Winning is only a part of the action. Positive long term results are the accomplishment. Thanks again!

Nancy Montell Liberty Township

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