2009-11-07 / Editorials & Letters

Bartholow thanked for his service to the lake community


Merv Bartholow recently stepped down after serving for many years as the Chair of the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association. I have never seen anyone work to tirelessly, with such dedication, to benefit the people of their relatively ‘new’ home.

Under Merv, there were countless innovations at BLACA, including Crystal Beach- – I will leave it to BLACA to tell you of his other achievements there.

I’m writing to tell you some of what he did to help those of us in Perry County. When we needed a meeting with a legislator to get the final push for our sewer project, Merv helped set it up and attended the long conference in Columbus with then – State Senator Jay Hottinger. As recently as the middle of August, Merv attended a lengthy meeting in our home with State Rep. Dan Dodd and Ohio EPA officials regarding development, wetlands, and the toxic algae issues, even though he knew his ‘re-retirement’ was impending. Whenever I have needed any input, a connection, or the weight of his presence at meetings, Merv Bartholow has always been there. I can not begin to conceive of the hours that he puts in.

All that I can say is: “THANK YOU!!!!” for all of your efforts on behalf of the lake area residents, and, in particular, for those of us in Perry County. An unpaid “job “ handled with expertise, effort, perseverance, grace, and the patience of Job. Congratulations, my friend.

Pete Myer President Honey Creek Homeowners Association

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