2009-10-31 / News

Candidates in their own words: Licking County

LAKE AREA – The Beacon asked each candidate in lake-area contested races to respond to two question:

1. In 150 words or less, please explain what you believe are the two most important issues facing the office you are seeking and how you would address them if you were elected.

2. In 50 words or less, please explain why you believe voters should support you.

Our surveys were sent to the candidate addresses supplied by each county board of elections. None were returned.

Word limits were strictly enforced and some responses may have been edited for length.

Bowling Green Township Trustees

(two to be elected)

Jeff Baird

1. The two most important issues facing Bowling Green Township are One,. The lack of communication between the Trustees themselves and the public they serve. This can be fixed in two ways. Most townships in the area have two meetings a month. Bowling Green Township, has only one meeting a month. Two meetings a month would work better for the public to help with decision making , and quicken the decision process. The second is by voting for change. The second most important issue I believe is funding. When you go to the township meeting you get an expense report, not a balance sheet, or cashflow statement. Our roads need repair every year, but we do not get this information. Roads are the big issue for all us, and they need to be maintained and cleared.

2. The Voters in Bowling Green Township should vote for me because I am responsible, trustworthy, and honest. I will do my best to protect and serve our beautiful township. Please vote on November 3rd.

Jeff Chorpenning

1. Road safety, balanced leadership, responsiveness and compliance with Ohio Revised Code should challenge each elected leader to serve our township with utmost quality. Improved quality of service for Bowling Green Township is a matter deserving full attention. The board has a responsibility to continuously serve our residents more fully, effectively and efficiently. I will continue to raise the standard of customer service by serving the interests of residents. Quality service is top priority.

A second matter of my continued focus is the critical need for accountability. Fiscal responsibility, public awareness and providing full disclosure to residents are essential characteristics I bring to this elected position. I have kept costs, safety and awareness central to the office I’ve held over the past four years. BowlingGreenTownship. com will continue to showcase public record for the public along with all other pertinent township business information. Our community has a voice and should be heard.

2. Sound judgment, fact-based decisions and building consensus are proven qualities I’ve brought to this role. My can-do attitude, never off the clock work ethic and listening skills demonstrate my positive mindset. Commitment to grow as a township, business and community of neighbors motivates me to be proactive about the future.

Ben Hupp Did not respond.

Michael Pitcher

1. The two most important issues facing our township are the contention between the current trustees and the scrutiny that we face regarding compliance with the Ohio Revised Code. Much of the contention between trustees revolves around the issues of regulatory compliance and the community’s perception of individual trustee involvement in township work. I intend to identify the most critical legal issues and create consensus on which issues should be addressed. With regards to motions made, I will protect the needs of the township above personal interests. My intention is that we should always “do the right thing” even if it means sacrificing “doing things right.” As a first-time trustee I know that, to be effective, I must gain confidence from the current office holders and employees. My intention is while I learn road and maintenance work from the senior trustee(s), I can help immediately with regulatory compliance and financial issues.

2. I will maintain a very high level of professionalism while we seek to improve regulatory compliance. I have a reputation for being able to work with people of all backgrounds and for being an extremely hard worker. I am reasonable, reliable, and passionate about making a difference for my community.

Daniel VanBuren Did not respond.

Patricia A. Volland

1. The budget for Bowling Green Township has never been large and with cuts necessary in all areas, a trustee needs to be proactive in seeking additional funds in the form of grant money.

While it is too late to apply for stimulus money, I would actively seek way, other than raising taxes, to bring additional funds into the township to make road improvements. The current trustees did not apply for stimulus money so that is an opportunity the township lost.

Additionally the development of the township should be a high priority for the trustees. Decisions on new developments, land use and other issues need to be addressed in a forthright manner. A comprehensive plan needs to have strong backing from the trustees and input from the community to make it work.

If elected, I would work on these issues and any other facing the residents of Bowling Green Township.

2. As a long time resident of Bowling Green Township, I would work for the betterment of the community. I have lived here 32 years and have the best interest of the township in sight. I have attended township meetings throughout that time. I am qualified to do this job. Buckeye Lake Mayor

Richard E. Baker

1. Over the years, some Buckeye Lake Village homes have become vacant or fallen into terrible disrepair. Many of these properties need to be demolished or simply made to be livable by the existing residents. Establishing more aesthetically pleasing neighborhoods is the number one issue facing the village.

We as local officials need to enforce building and health codes or provide incentives for rehabilitation. The village has recently made some headway with obtaining funding for the cost of house demolition. This is a great start, but we must be unwavering with this issue.

The village is undoubtedly going to see a positive transformation in the coming years. The arrival of the new water system will create business development and new housing opportunities. Development can be very healthy for a community, but we need to make sure that this growth is orderly, and not detrimental to the existing residents of Buckeye Lake.

2. Experience and knowledge is essential when it comes to running local village government. With over 20 years of involvement from city council, working on several committees, and serving on charter and planning commissions, I believe that I have the experience necessary to lead the village in the years to come.

Barry J. Herron

1. The #1 priority for the Village of Buckeye Lake is to rebuild and rehab the vacant, run down and overgrown properties in the village. Buckeye Lake has one of the lowest per capita incomes in Licking County. The ability to attract new businesses and new residents to the village must start with putting a better foot forward. Business owners and new residents will only locate in the village if they see a clean, safe, vibrant community. Buckeye Lake is a great resource for tourism and activities which can promote growth for our residents. New businesses, additional residents and promoting tourism will bring new jobs, thus improving all the resident’s lives. My goal is “For a Better Buckeye Lake.”

The 2nd key issue is village finances. The village finances must be stabilized to allow for adequate services (police, fire, street lights to name a few).

2. I am a very level headed, hard working, goal oriented individual that has the leadership skills to bring people together working toward a common cause. My work ethic and vision make me the best candidate.

Buckeye Lake Council

(three to be elected)

Clay Carroll

1. The police department and security of our village. I believe that the idea of eliminating our police department is not the right thing to do. If it needs fixed, then fix it. Throwing it away is wrong. I have found statistics that between 2006 and 2007, theft in our village increased by almost three times. We need officers in the village to control this.

Budgetary Issues for necessary things like street lighting. The village has such a growth potential forthcoming. If managed properly this will create income for the village and jobs for the residents but we must take the necessary steps to keep the village alive. Completion of the water system is the first step in the future development of the village and the residents best interests must be our first consideration.

2. I realize growth is inevitable and also necessary. Being on Council is being a part of a team. Better informed residents will help the team make decisions for the people. Have you ever said? “Who dreamed that up”? I have, let’s do it the right way!

A. Kaye Hartman

1. One of the most important issues that we are facing in the Village of Buckeye Lake is the lack of jobs in the area for our residents. The second issue is the lack of revenue that is needed to provide the services to the Village that we need. When the park closed some 40 years ago, over 200 local jobs were lost. People started moving away or not coming back for the summer. Their summer cottages were left empty and neglected. We are now left houses that need major repair or torn down. We are depending on the passage of the police levy to keep enough officers on duty to watch over the village on a full time basis. We need the passage of the operating levy to keep our street lights on. I will work to bring more business and revenue to the Village.

2. I will bring to this office15 years of experience in state and city business. I have been a small business owner and an employee. I will listen to your concerns and ideas. I will represent you with honesty and integrity.

Charlene C. Hayden

1. Issue One: Having been a major player in bringing the public water system to the Village, I want to be a part of seeing that the water system is running smoothly. The council and mayor will need to establish a billing system, develop guidelines for payment, determine shut-off requirements, etc.

Issue Two: Having public water will bring growth to our Village. It will then be up to the mayor and all of council to manage the growth so that it is well planned and gradual. Our commercial growth should provide jobs for our residents. We should consider attracting some social and medical services to our area so they are more convenient for those with transportation issues and especially for seniors. I envision our main street and residential areas becoming more attractive as our growth progresses.

2. I have provided positive leadership as council president for the past four years. I have supported our council committees and all of the Village commissions by attending the majority of the scheduled meetings. The extent of my involvement over the years gives me the background knowledge for future planning.

Peggy Wells

1. Rebuilding streets and storm water flooding are the issues. Some streets were in poor shape before construction of the water system. Many are now little more than gravel roads. Storm drains are inadequate or non-existent. After pressure testing the water system, we should begin preparing the streets properly before repaving. Without a solid base, we’re wasting our money. We should pave those streets which have good drainage. Inadequate storm drainage should be immediately addressed in areas plagued by flooding. Let’s not waste tax dollars doing the same project several times. Unfortunately, the current administration rejected my proposal to install storm drains along WITH the water lines. If the projects had been combined, we would have been ahead of the game. Now, the choices are 1) pave all streets quickly and everyone will be happy (until flooding) or 2) do it right; delay paving on flooded streets until storm sewer installation.

2. Experienced, village council (2001-2005) perfect attendance, finance & personnel chair, did homework and research, prepared on all issues, followed through, forward thinking, open minded, accessible, returned calls, good relationships with officials in other communities, proven accomplishments: skatepark project manager and sewer expansion advisory committee succeeded in lowering monthly rate hikes.

Hebron Village Council

(four to be elected)

Dale Burns Did not respond.

Pam DeVaul

1. An issue I feel that is very important to our village is to “build up” our downtown area. Since the construction of the bypass the businesses in our downtown area have almost ceased to exist. Efforts are needed to bring in new business to support our village. I have proudly been involved with the Hebron Business Association, an organization trying to promote our village.

Sewer/water is another issue that seems to be on the minds of many residents in our village. Getting facts and figures to our residents to better understand the need for these facilities is important. Explaining in detail is sometimes needed for better acceptance.

2. My interests and concerns are to provide the Village of Hebron with the dedication and loyalty to the hometown I’m proud to call “home” and live in. I would do my best to be part of “a team” to keep the Village interests at heart.

Jim Friend Did not respond.

John Ray Guinsler

1. All issues for he village are important whether small and concerning only one or a few residents or a large issue affecting all residents of the village. I’ll give my full attention to every issue concerning the Village of Hebron. Especially during this economically stressful time with many of our residents on fixed incomes, I’ll do my best to make the best decisions possible on their behalf, particularly concerning their fire and police protection and keeping all village expenses in check.

2. I’m very qualified and will always vote in your best interest. You can call me anytime to discuss any matter concerning your opinions on how you feel I should vote on any council discussions. Your input is very important.

Annelle L. Porter 1. The two most important issues in the election for Hebron Village Council are fiscal responsibility and preparation for the future. The first, fiscal responsibility, requires careful study of both village income sources and expenditures, assuring the two balance. I will continue to study village finances, require budgets and insist departments stay within them, question costs as needed and approve or disapprove as necessary.

Secondly, Hebron must prepare for the future. While no one knows what the future holds, responsible and accountable government officials prepare for many possibilities. As a council member, I intend to continue seeing village services are maintained or improved, that sound growth is encouraged and that Hebron presents a positive image. These two issues will require hard work and hard decisions to help Hebron achieve a bright future. I am dedicated to Hebron, accountable to its residents and I am up to the task.

2. Hebron residents should vote for me because I believe being a council member is a position of public trust. In keeping with that belief, I will continue to study issues carefully, vote in the interest of the village and provide Hebron the best, most efficient and accountable government I can.

Scott Walters

1. The Village of Hebron is no different than its residents and many businesses. We are all facing tough economic times. Council is working closely with village administrators and employees to control costs. We watch expenses and revenue so we can maintain the services that residents expect: functioning street lights, clean drinking water and excellent snow removal.

Hebron has lost some businesses such as Eco Lab that reduces our revenue. Village Council and administrators should work together to retain existing businesses and attract new ones. Vacancies in the downtown area make it difficult to attract serious business ventures there. Recently the opening of Arsensberg Pharmacy and New Life Community Center may attract others to downtown. Success is contagious! We must explore grant funding that would provide money at little or no cost to Hebron to allow us to improve our downtown.

2. As a resident and local business owner, I will always have the best interests of Hebron at heart. I want to move Hebron forward while maintaining our small town values. It’s been a pleasure to serve you for the past eight years. I will continue to work hard for you.

Licking Township


(two to be elected)

Ronald S. Acord

- 24 years experience as your Township Trustee

- 24 years of proud and dedicated service to the residents of our community.

- Keeping your concerns and best interest first, striving to implement your tax dollars wisely and keeping our community safe and a better place to live is my goal and promise to you.

- On Nov. 3, 2009, put your trust in the experience and dedication that I will faithfully and efficiently provide as your township trustee.

- Vote for Ron Acord. Thank you.

John D. Freas Did not respond.

John Holman

1. I would consider these as on-going challenges rather than problems. The first being sound fiscal management. As we continue to find ourselves in very difficult economic times, we must continue to prudently manage the township’s finances and assets. All the while, providing the finest fire and emergency protection economically possible for the residents of Licking Township. In addition, we must continue to maintain and improve our Township roads, provide timely snow removal, summer mowing, weed control, and clean up, in addition to maintaining our fleet of equipment.

The second challenge is to maintain our unique blend of residential, agricultural, educational, commercial, and recreational areas that exist in our township. This requires the trustees to have a pulse on the needs and concerns of our township. As trustee, I will continue to be responsive to these challenges and opportunities as they arise.

2. I am experienced in dealing with challenging situations and can make difficult decisions while being fair and objective. As a current trustee, I’ve proven my ability to proactively handle the problems of the township headon. I will continue to be committed to serving our Township with the utmost of integrity.

Dave Miller

1. I believe in and support our Licking Township Fire Company. I support the dedicated men and women and families of this hard working fire department. I have in the past and will in the future work to keep Licking Township Fire Company #1.

My hard work and dedication to Licking Township comes in many forms: Roads. Through zone, paving patching and chip and seal projects - we have maintained good quality roads. All while staying within budget. I will continue to work on our cemeteries to give them the respect they deserve. We work hard to maintain good snow removal while contract buying has saved thousands of dollars, money saved to purchase new equipment. Working to save township dollars all while maintaining good quality roads.

2. I ask for your support because my hard work for Licking Township. I have worked with the engineers office, prosecutor’s office, county commissioners, FEMA director, Sheriff’s Department, planning commission, and litter prevention. As trustee I have treated every person and issue fairly, and gathered facts before making any decisions. Thank you.

Union Township


(two to be elected)

Rick Black

1. Two Most Important Issues:

Fiscal Responsibility: Making sure we are getting the most “bang for our buck” in services to township residents and businesses. The loss of the tangible personal property tax has had a dramatic effect on local government revenue. I will do all I can to make certain Union Township is getting the best roads, police, EMS and fire protection it can for the taxpayer dollar.

Communications with township residents: In my door-to-door visits with township residents I have discovered many want to know more about township government. They don’t know who their township officials are or how to contact them. Today’s electronic media provides a way to inexpensively inform the community of township issues and contact information.

2. The voters should support me because I have the business, leadership skills, compassion and concern for the people in the township. I am committed to making Union Township a great place for businesses to locate and people to live.

Jack Justice Did not respond.

Rich Moore

1. I believe the most important issue facing Union Township is to be more efficient with the taxpayer’s money. I would address this issue by not hiring outside consultants as previously done by the present trustees. I would also start buying township equipment like trucks, police vehicles, etc. through the state bid process like other villages and townships are doing to save thousands of dollars, instead of buying locally at an inflated price. Also, to discontinue the use of township vehicles for employees’ personal use. I believe the other important issue would be to improve the communication between the trustees and the citizens of Union Township so they can be better informed and have more involvement with township government. I believe the best way to improve communication would be to start a township website posting current events, meeting minutes, and the latest financial reports.

2. If elected, I plan to dedicate my full attention to this position. I am aware of the current issues facing Union Township and I will do what is best for the citizens and put them first in my decision making. It’s time for a change in Union Township politics.

Jesse Ours Did not respond.

Charles Prince

1. First, we must get the focus back on serving you. We need to be spending your taxes on you. That means cutting back on health insurance costs and making sure township salaries are in-line with neighboring townships and villages. We need a new attitude in township government – trustees are here to serve you, not themselves.

That attitude affects everything we do – from making sure you are consulted on major zoning changes to making our roads safer for you and your families. Once that attitude is in place, it becomes natural to take the next steps and address specific issues. Those steps include joining efforts to reduce flooding in the Buckeye Lake area, maintaining fire/EMS services, improving police protection, and nursing our “cash cow” industrial park back to health. . Our focus must be on how we can make Union Township a better place for everyone. We can and must do better.

2. Union Township needs new leadership and energy. I’m not part of the group that has run Union Township for years, nor wedded to how things have always been done. I have an open mind. I’m committed to ending ‘who you know’ township government. You deserve better.

Fairfield County

Liberty Township

Trustees (two to be elected)

Betsy Alt Did not respond.

Robert B Badgeley

1. Managed growth and economic development are essential to the future prosperity of Liberty Township. We must put in place and enforce zoning that protects property owner investments and maintains the rural atmosphere that we desire for raising our families that does not infringe on the rights of property owners. We must actively market the assets of Liberty Township to attract businesses of all sizes to expand our tax base to maintain our infrastructure and provide opportunities for township residents to work where they live while protecting our rich agricultural history. We should take advantage of opportunities for the township and village to work together. Integrity, fairness and open communications are necessary to accomplish the business of the township as well as facilitating respect amongst and for the residents.

2/ My wife Kathy and I have a passion for the future of Liberty Township and the Village of Baltimore, donating our money and time. I am an active participant and leader in organizations that facilitate economic development, provide service and assistance to those in need, and promote pride in our community and country. I look forward to serving you as Liberty Township Trustee over the next four years.

Dave Keller

1. The number one issue is the lack of fiscal responsibility. The hiring of a part-time administrator at a cost of $65,000 has proven not to have sound merit. This position should be eliminated. Zoning within the township should be enforced both fairly and equally for all residents by a person from the community. The hiring of an outside attorney for the township has also proven to be a folly which has not saved any taxpayer moneys. The prosecuting attorneys office provides this service at no cost.

Another important issue facing us is the increasing traffic on the township roads. I was instrumental in improving the roads from gravel to tar & chip. It is my belief that the township now needs to take the next step to blacktop roads. This improvement can be accomplished without new taxes and at a lower cost when applications are made to available grants.

2. I am available to do township business and/or emergencies whenever the need arises. I have increased the township revenue from the county and have been successful in obtaining numerous federal and state grants. I have the experience and time to handle these and other issues. Your vote is appreciated.

Randy Kemmerer

1. Zoning and Road Maintenance: Zoning should be a representation from all walks of life, not certain special interest groups. I would handle this by seeing to it that the public as a whole is represented in a fair and honest way. Currently the method of tar and chipping our roads is being used. I would like to implement an asphalting program. This would be on a rotational basis and would take quite a few years to update our roads. The initial cost of asphalting is more expensive, but the long term maintenance costs are far less than having to repeat the application of tar and chip. Asphalt is less messy for our residents after application and it stands up to wear and tear better.

2. 31 years of experience working for Fairfield County and Walnut Township. I presently am road supervisor. This experience gives me the knowledge to supervise daily road maintenance issues and problem solve for residents. If elected, I will work hard representing Liberty Township residents in a fair and honest way.

Nancy Montell

1. Managed growth remains our central issue. Progress occurs by electing trustees who understand and support managed growth through tools such as updated, Zoning Regulations, a Land Use Plan, transparent fis- cal management and compliance with the Ohio Revised Code. Leadership and communication is paramount for community confidence. This requires listening to the opinions and needs of all; understanding where and how to facilitate each situation while reaching answers and processing each in a fair yet equitable way. As a resident and incumbent I appreciate the many complex issues facing our township, the goals we have achieved or are about to accomplish and the tools needed to succeed.

2. As a mom and a professional I have developed these necessary skills. My value system includes honesty, an open mind and knowledge needed for cooperation with others. Trustees working together with our administrator, staff and residents can strengthen our townships quality of life and appeal as a place to work and raise a family in the twenty-first century. Efficient government starts at the “Grass Roots” level; that’s us! I strongly believe God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. I listen and respectfully ask for your vote.

William Putnam

Did not respond.

Liberty Union-Thurston

School Board

(vote for three)

Cena Grimm Did not respond.

Shaun Hochradel

1. For me, the two most important issues are: 1. completing the build of the new middle school and renovation of the high school on time and within budget; and 2. continuing to have positive interactions with the community. I plan on addressing the first issue by using the knowledge I’ve acquired over the last nine years working in financial and project roles at a large insurance company. The second issue will be addressed by continuing to have an active role in the community. I’ve worked closely with the local youth soccer, baseball, and softball associations over the last four years. I’ve called this place home for 31 years, and I have no intentions of going anywhere else. I want my children to enjoy the same great school I attended and graduated from.

2. Voters should support my candidacy because I’m committed to this school district and community. I’ve shown this through my close work with the school board on passing the levy in 2008 and adding a girls’ high school soccer team in 2009.

John Hutton Did not respond.

S. Michael Raver Did not respond.

Walnut Township


(two to be elected)

Walnut Township Trustee candidates were asked three questions. They were:

1. In 150 words or less, please explain whether you would support the Village of Millersport’s contract proposal to extend 24/7 on-station coverage to the Fairfield Beach sub-station and why.

2. In 100 words or less, please explain what you believe are the two most important issues facing Walnut Township and how you would address them as a trustee.

3. In 50 words or less, please explain why you believe voters should support you.

Alan Dupler

1. Rumor has it that the Fairfield Beach sub-station is going to close. This is not true. At this time we are looking at 24/7 coverage for Fairfield Beach. However, to do this, the Fire Chief will have to manage money more efficiently. Examples: $9,000 for computers, $1,000 for Door Lock, $2,800 per year copier maintenance, $10,000 per year by letting personnel at Fairfield Beach sub-station drive to Millersport for meals and personal trips, $9,000 for Med supplies that can be obtained at hospitals for FREE.

Yes, I am in favor of 24/7 coverage at Fairfield Beach substation.

As trustees, we are responsible to make sure fire levy money is managed properly. Therefore, any proposals shall be looked at by the Prosecuting Attorney. As tax payers, you the people are entitled to the best fire and EMS service available.

2. Fire/EMS service is one of the most important issues. I believe we have two fine fire departments, however, we need better “checks and balances” or policies and procedures for accountability to the trustees and tax payers on how the fire levy monies are spent.

A fire study that was done cost $10,000. Conclusion, fire district trustees feel another fire levy was a financial hardship on taxpayers and believes this today.

Roads are the other important issue for the township. Walnut Township has the finest roads in Fairfield County, and I want to keep providing this service through grants and maintenance.

3. I believe I know how to handle the financial responsibility of running a business. In the past eight years, serving as your trustee, I have managed to increase the financial position of the township, even in the “down economy.”

Our township is more solvent than ever before.

Walter Gabriel

1. First and foremost, I am in favor of equal coverage for every citizen in Walnut Township. Every life and home is equally deserving of the best possible EMS and fire coverage available for the millage that is being collected by the township. I think the Millersport Fire Department should have to abide by a budget, requiring the village council to hold the fire department accountable for their expenditures. I am sure every family in Walnut Tonwship has to budget their money in these trying times, making cutbacks where possible and being accountable for spending choices, so why shouldn’t our public services providers be held to the same standards? I think with a budget that is cost effective, 24/7 coverage can be achieved for the Fairfield Beach residents utilizing proper placement of manpower in the facilities that currently exist and have provisions for round the clock staff.

2. Our biggest challenge will be continuing to provide the quality of services we have in the past with an 18% cut in funding from the state which began this year, based on tax revenue decline. It is imperative that we continue to maintain our roads year round including snow removal and mowing for the safety of all of our residents throughout the entire township. It has always been a priority for me that all lines of communication are kept open and that all citizens have access to us 24/7 in case of emergencies such as flooding, downed trees, etc.

3. I believe in the past eight years that I have proven myself as being honest and open to all issues. I always listen to both sides and try to do what was in the best interest of our township as a whole. I am invested and committed to our community.

Terry Horn

1. I would support extending 24/7 fire-EMS coverage to Fairfield Beach and maintain it throughout the entire township because this has been the expectation of the residents since the last fire levy was passed. The trustees are responsible for implementation.

One way to accomplish this is to create a fire/EMS task-force lead by a third-party consultant with members from each community, each Fire Department and atlarge members who would review the operational/organizational structure that best suits our unique needs for the next 1-10 years and work towards the implementation of a joint fire district or township fire department.

I also urge residents to support the 1 mil continuing replacement fire levy that will be on the ballot, as this will ensure we have adequate funds to maintain 24/7 coverage.

2. 1) Fire/EMS: Noted above.

2) Save our tax dollars by: a) Making every effort to settle zoning and other disputes with arbitration vs. costly litigation. b) Pursue all available grants for new and improved services for: sewer & water at Fairfield Beach; roads; and fire/EMS service for all, using my engineering experience and contacts. c) Improve communications with the residents by e-mail alerts of updates, emergencies, and special meetings. In addition, publish a regular hard copy (and/or e-mail) newsletter highlighting fire, zoning, project updates and Trustees’ decisions.

3. As your Walnut Twp. Trustee, I will work hard to resolve the issues currently facing our township and to improve the service of local government. I will bring my prior professional and community service experience to manage our Township Board in an exemplary manner.

Robert W. Slater II 1. Given adequate funds are available, I would support a 24/7 two-person EMS crew at the Fairfield Beach substation. I commend the Village of Millersport for making this September’s contract proposal before the current contract expires December 31. The village takes their responsibility for our fire and EMS services very seriously. We cannot express thanks enough for the efforts of all part-time and volunteer firefighter/medics who answer the call and come to our aid 24/7. As a citizen, I will join you in supporting Issue 10 for our fire and EMS services.

2. Fire/EMS issues and better communication.

I have attended almost half of the Walnut Township trustees meetings in 2008 and 2009. From my own observations, the discussions with regard to fire departments become one-sided, heated and personal. We deserve better from our elected officials. Citizens have asked, “What is your formula?” for the distribution of fire funds and have yet to receive a satisfactory answer. This discussion needs to be transparent. Communication needs to improve on all levels. Better communication and attention to detail would have likely reduced the number of lawsuits in which our township is currently involved.

3. I, Robert W. Slater II, will complete over five years of service to the Walnut Township local school board this December. As trustee, my dedication to elected office will continue. We, as elected officials, should listen and hear your concerns and suggestions. Together, we can do great things.

Rick Thompson

1. I support the Village of Millersport’s contract proposal to extend fire service to Fairfield Beach for 24/7 station coverage because I believe every citizen in Walnut Township deserves fire and EMS coverage. I believe this for three reasons. First, we all pay for fire/EMS services and that would be fair for all. Second, the population of Walnut Township is an older population so we need EMT’s to respond to medical emergencies. Finally, in the summer, activities in Walnut Township increase because of the lake and recreational opportunities available. I believe that all of the available data supports and shows a need for increased coverage. We have almost 7,000 residents in Walnut Township and over 4,500 of them do not live in the four villages that help make up the township. A strong fire department with excellent fire and EMS service is important for a better quality of life. That is what we pay for and that is what we deserve.

2. I feel that the two most important issues facing Walnut Township are the disputes over the fire department and the proposed demolition landfill. I have discussed the fire issue in paragraph #1 and feel the proposed fire contract is fair and balanced. Unfortunately, the landfill dilemma is in the hands of the court system. Once that issue is decided we will not make future decisions until each issue is studied and public input is taken into consideration.

3. People should vote for me because I will be honest, fair and accessible to the public encouraging citizens to attend meetings voicing their concerns in a welcoming manner. Working hard to improve roads, parks and fire services, I will enforce zoning fairly and bring an end to the pending litigation.

Paul Whitaker

1. I do not understand why the residents at Fairfield Beach do not have the same coverage that other residents in the township currently have. I think it is unfortunate that it requires a proposed contract in an election year to make that happen. I requested, received and read the Millersport proposed contract. I would support the contract. The lies, half-truths, and games have got to stop. This is basically the same contract the township had with Millersport when I was a trustee. We never had a problem with the contract. The two incumbents have destroyed the working relationship with Millersport Council and Fire Department. I doubt it can be restored with them in office.

2. Obviously, integrity must be restored to the office. Meetings must be held professionally and pursuant to Ohio Sunshine Laws. It is imperative that a good working relationship be re-established with all elected officials and fire departments. We must preserve and protect our fire departments. This will require trust, honesty, and adequate funding. Most importantly, the games currently being played with people’s lives must stop immediately.

3. I was a Walnut Township trustee for over 10 years. My experience, ability to work with everyone in a professional manner, and get the job done speaks for itself. My promise to you is that if elected, I will always be honest, fair and be accountable for your tax dollars.

Bill Yates

1. Extending 24/7 coverage to Fairfield Beach is one of the reasons I, and many other volunteers, bought the land and literally built the station that is owned by the Millersport Volunteer Fire Co, Inc. There was NO Township Trustees mandate, contract, lawyers or law suits that made this happen. We, the VOLUNTEERS, made it happen! I, and more importantly the majority of the voters, supported the additional 24/7 coverage as indicated by the passage of the additional 3 mill fire levy. The current Township Trustees are the only people stopping this from being accomplished. The Trustees must put in place a proper formula on the funding of the fire service in Walnut Township. Do this and the same spirit of the fire service that has joined together to help each other since 1926 will get the job done.

2. An objective funding formula for the fire service needs of the total Township would remove the same old politics we have seen every year. The “experts” were paid over $10,000 to produce a study and a committee unanimously recommended a Joint Fire District, but the current Trustees disbanded the committee and chose not to put that option to a vote (as required by law) of the people.

Zoning issues are costing us thousands of tax dollars and possibly our environmental health. These issues affect the total township and should have been placed before the voters.

3. As your township trustee I will do the public’s business in full public view. There will be no backroom decision making. I will vote to do away with the three-minute limitation on public speaking and welcome all comments on all issues. We need the public’s continued support of the fire levy.

Perry County Thorn Township


(two to be elected)

Thad Cooperrider

1. I feel the two most important issues facing Thorn Township are continued growth and interagency cooperation. As your Trustee I would promote round table discussions between residents, townships, village, county, and State officials. I would open better lines of communications and support for our EMS and Fire Department. As officials and resident, I know there will never be a time when we all agree, but it’s time we all agree to find a solution.

I would establish a local planning committee to work with Thornville zoning, Thorn Township zoning and county officials, it is time we work together and pursue Federal and State grants for assistance in establishing a light industrial development along with help for our ever rising utility cost around the lake.

Thorn Township is a great place to live and raise a family. We must continue to plan for future growth while maintaining our rural heritage.

2. Serving 8 years as your County Commissioner, 30 years as an Independent Business Owner, a third generation resident and family former I feel my life experiences, knowledge of budgets, grants and how government really works would be an asset to Thorn Township.

Dale Factor

1. The two most important issues facing Thorn Township are:

Day time emergency response: Most of our dedicated volunteers work full time jobs outside of our community and it is challenging at times to have a full crew during certain hours of the day. I believe that the Trustees in conjunction with Fire and EMS personnel can find creative solutions to this challenge while limiting the financial impact on the residents of Thorn Township.

Tightening budget: The Township’s primary source of income is from real estate taxes. The amounts of unpaid taxes are on the rise along with the increased cost of goods and services; both create a tightening impact on our township’s budget. Thoroughly planning projects, scrutinizing costs, obtaining competitive quotes, determining when best to utilize our equipment and manpower verse outside resources are imperative in maintaining the budget and the level of services that the taxpayers deserve.

2. I believe my involvement in our community and my success as Thorn Twp Zoning Inspector for the past nine years has exposed me to the township issues through working with township residents and attending trustee meetings. As Trustee I will spend my days in Thorn Township working for Thorn Township.

Dennis Lavender

1. When I was visiting residents in the community, two issues came up most often: the increased cost of zoning fees and the firehouse.

As trustees, we need to take into consideration how these affect residents, including the financial impact. Does it make sense to impose increased costs?

Examples: The high cost of zoning fees. The cost of a new firehouse so we can have a new building. These have a financial impact on our residents.

As trustee I want to be the voice for residents and express their concerns before major decisions are made, including the above major issues. I want to be there to remind the trustees why we are in office and who put us there (the residents). Residents have to be put first. We’re a small town and need to remember that as trustees we are part of the community - not big time politicians.

2. I believe a trustee should be out in the community talking to the residents to find out their opinions/views on major issues. What they think about major issues needs to be considered in decision making. I can and want to be their voice for these issues.

Marci McCaulay

1. One of the most important issues we face in our township is ensuring that the health and safety needs of our residents are met in a fiscally responsible way. This includes taking care of our roads, making sure we have adequate fire, EMS and law enforcement services, and providing spaces for recreational activities. A strategy to assist us in maintaining and expanding these services is to seek alternative sources of funding and explore opportunities to collaborate with other political subdivisions.

A second important issue we face is ensuring that growth and development in our township is consistent with what the community desires. To accomplish this the community needs to be involved in the process. We need to develop ways to keep the public better informed and provide more opportunities for citizens to express their ideas and concerns. One way to address this is to expand and update the township website.

2. I have the time, energy and commitment needed to address these issues. My experience in psychology and public health has helped me develop communication, research, grant-writing and problem-solving skills. Serving on the Township Zoning Commission has provided me with insight into the challenges we face related to planning and development.

Linda Myer

1. Our critical issues are finances and communication. We are facing decreased revenues with increased growth. We need to establish our priorities by planning for the future. If elected, I will initiate the development of a 3 to 5 year plan for road improvements and a 10 year plan for fire and EMS equipment and capital improvements. With proper planning, we will spend our money more wisely. I will also write grants for state or federal money available to our township.

Communication is so important. The voters need to know what the township is doing. If elected, I will develop a newsletter to let you know about all of the good things our employees and volunteers are doing, as well as the issues we face. In it, I will also ask for your opinions on issues communication is a two way street! We need to reach out to our community.

2. As former township Fiscal Officer and a retired school principal, I have the experience needed for this job. I am familiar with township finances and law.

am a hard worker and enjoy people. I have the leadership skills and dedication to serve you well and would appreciate your vote!

Rick Wilson

1. Thorn Township trustees need to choose wisely the projects and improvements made each year while staying within our budget. To do this, we need to continue applying for grant money that the township would be eligible to receive and pursue these grants aggressively. This is crucial that we obtain additional funds for the township to offset the decrease in revenue we currently are receiving annually.

To ensure the safety and security of the residents of our township, it is important to provide updated fire and emergency equipment, facilities, and personnel along with maintaining the safety of our roads and bridges. To achieve these objectives, we must have well-trained volunteers prepared to handle the emergencies of a growing community and continue to make improvements to our roadways. Taking these steps, we can be assured that our residents will be safe in their homes and on the roads of our community.

2. I have served you for 20 years and enjoy working to make our township a better place to live. Being familiar with the entire township, knowing the needs of our community, being accessible and ready to work when needed, I would be honored to serve you another four years.

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