2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Writer thanks Walnut Township trustees


I want to thank the Walnut Township Trustees - Wally, Sonny and Ralph - on a job well done over the past years. I commend you on starting talks on the fire contract early since typically contracts are initiated by the township and budgets are not turned in until Nov. 1st. Since a contract does not have to be signed until the end of the year, I would continue to encourage the three trustees to review the contract carefully and do the right thing for WALNUT TOWNSHIP. This gives you plenty of time to make proper decisions, understanding current economic conditions, possible budget cuts in the future, and that a three-year contract is on the table.

If this contract is going to be for three years, it would benefit all of Walnut Township that you take the time to review all issues/budgets and NOT be pressured into signing a contract without fully understanding possible ramifications. Everyone knows we have too much of that in Government today! If you do come to a conclusion and are able to sign a contract early, great; however, there is no reason to be pushed to sign a contract before the end of the year. We know you will do the right thing for Walnut Township.
Trudy Craig
Walnut Township

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