2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Wilkins asks voters to reelect him


I am currently a trustee because I believe I have a duty to represent our local interests in government. I am seeking your votes for re-election as a Hopewell Township Trustee.

My goal is to continue serving my township residents by focusing on our collective prosperity while demonstrating fiscal responsibility, ethical practices, obedience to state and federal mandates, and incorporating the tools and resources available to us. Township government is grassroots, and by far, the most accessible to our community. My roots are in Hopewell Township; I am always willing to take your calls and listen to any concerns you may have. Your voice will be heard.

I have built relationships with our county, state, and federal elected officials. Through continuing to foster these relationships, I can personally represent your thoughts directly, as well as the pertinent needs of Hopewell Township.

During my first term, I focused on community, safety, and compliance. Through these efforts, I laid the groundwork of a solid foundation necessary for the conservation and preservation of the values of Hopewell Township.

Chad Wilkins

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