2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Watkins goes after Chorpenning


To the voters of Bowling Green Township:

Many of you have likely read articles in this newspaper about myself and other Bowling Green Township trustees and employees. To date, I have chosen not to respond, as I prefer to conduct township business and avoid pettiness and controversy. However, as the November election approaches, I hope to enable the voters of Bowling Green Township to make an informed decision about who should represent them.

Four years ago, Jeff Chorpenning made numerous promises to the citizens of Bowling Green. He stated he would be a ‘24/7’ trustee, available to township residents at all hours. He works from home, making signs for a living. The most work he has done for the township is put up election signs. Which trustees do you see working on our roads (or better yet, who DON’T you see)?

When called to help, Chorpenning’s lack of response has earned him the nickname No-Show Jeff.’ As a tax payer, I believe he collects a salary and benefits for doing very little. He even refuses to sign the Zoning Inspector’s paycheck. The only time we see him is at monthly meetings, when he shows up to collect his check.

The township trustees need to work together as a team for the good of the township and its residents. Chorpenning has brought conflict and dissention to our team, and I believe that if he is re-elected, the entire township will lose.
Donald Watkins, Bowling
Green Township Trustee

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