2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Voters urged to support police, streetlights levies


I am writing this letter to urge the residents of Buckeye Lake to vote yes for the upcoming levies for the police department and street lights.

I was appalled when I learned that not only are we in danger of losing our street lights, but if these levies don’t pass we will go down to one paid police officer. What kind of target will we be putting on our backs? It’s dark and the cops won’t be here for hours so take what you want?

I am a single parent and I do not want to think about having to wait for a Licking County deputy sheriff because our one police officer is tied up when someone decides to break into my house. Why would we want to take such a huge step back? And, more importantly, why would anyone want us to?

I have already heard the opponents talking about “not voting for any more levies out here.” This is petty and doesn’t serve anyone. When it comes to the safety of our families, how can we not vote to keep Buckeye Lake safe? Please get out and vote in November, and vote YES for our street lights and police department.

Jennifer Miller Buckeye Lake

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