2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Voters urged to support Lakewood Schools levy


Almost 20 years ago my wife and I decided to make Harbor Hills our home rather than just a place to vacation. For about 17 of those years, we drove the 37 miles to Westerville where I served as pastor of the Central College Presbyterian Church and Linda was the Preschool Director. The drive was worth it.

How wonderful to live in an area where people are so friendly. I enjoy going to the store, our local post offices and our local businesses. The Hebron and Buckeye Lake area is a great place to live. I understand there is a school levy on the ballot. At one time I was chair of a combined operating levy and bond issue for Westerville. Both passed and I refused to take part in another campaign because I didn’t want to ruin my record. I want our youth to appreciate all this community can offer to them as the community has come to mean so much to me and my wife.

Yes, I am on a fixed income – a retired pastor’s one at that. Yes, I know that we are in an economic crunch. No, I don’t have any children in the local system, but I had five go through public schools and I appreciate what others gave so that my children could receive an excellent education with extra-curricular activities. Yes, I will vote for the school levy and urge all of you in this great community to do the same.

Richard E. Ellsworth Harbor Hills

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