2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Van Buren says levy unnecessary


I have served as a Harrison Township Trustee for ten years and I am running for re election. Harrison Township is a great place to live, the roads are good, there is good zoning and planning, and essential services are provided. This is done because there are a lot of dedicated volunteers and employees. As a trustee I have worked with these volunteers and employees to reach goals such as developing a park and updating the land use plan. I also believe in being fiscally responsible in making decisions for the township. I do not believe the tax renewal is necessary when the Township had a budget surplus of $3 million dollars. The levy should have never been placed on the ballot. In these tough economic times or even in good times the decision to tax should always be carefully considered. A new Township Administration building is not needed either. We have to ask ourselves is this added expense a necessity or a luxury. I believe it is a luxury.

I have also worked hard to create added income for the township without adding taxes. Two years ago Pataskala was going to partner with St. Albans Township for the JRS site. I worked to change Pataskala’s position and to partner with Harrison Township. The Township has no dollars involved or risk, but yet has the possibility to realize several hundreds of thousand dollars over the years.

Your support will allow me to continue working hard for you. Thank you.
Mark Van Buren
Harrison Township

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