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Still more Letters: Slater, Yates favored for Walnut Township


Solution to fire funding in Walnut Township:

Same as school funding. All fire levy taxes collected in The Millersport Fire District should go to fund The Millersport Fire Department. All fire levy monies collected in the Thurston Fire District should go to support the Thurston Fire Department.

Hope all Walnut Township residents remember the petitions we signed protesting decision made by our trustees.

Over 158 signed a petition protesting 289 acres of prime farm ground zoned from rural residential to industrial ...

Sixty-six acres on Rt. 37, zoning questioned. Again over 158 people signed a petition opposing any future use of this property to be used for landfill. Trustees ignored petition. Both issues were turned down to be voted on by Board of Elections lawsuits were pending.

People residing in Baltimore, Thurston, and Millersport must be concerned as to the future of this dump site. Remember the protest several years ago to stop a company from building on this site. The concern - chemicals and land fill residue might seep into the underground water supply that is supposed to run near this property. Your water, folks.

My plea to voters of Walnut Township: Elect people that care about preserving our farm ground, that care about what goes into Duplers Dump, that will try and work to provide all Walnut Township with the fire protection. We deserve ... my yard signs read, Bill Yates and Bob Slater. I trust them with the future of Walnut Township.
Marjorie Leitnaker
Walnut Township

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