2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Prince cares about Buckeye Lake


I typically don’t get involved in political letter writing campaigns and try not to push my views and opinions onto other people. But I would like to share with you my support of Charlie Prince for Union Township Trustee.

I know Charlie pushed for affordable public water in Buckeye Lake, is concerned about our continued flooding and worked hard with a few others to reduce a huge sewer rate increase which is saving us all a lot of money. But I really know Charlie for over the past seven years through his support and involvement with our Buckeye Lake Library. Charlie helped us when the thought of a library for our community seemed more like an impossible dream. There was a lot of “behind the scene” work, both physically and emotionally getting this project off the ground, with not a lot of recognition, but Charlie was there helping us with all of it.

Charlie is actively involved on the Library Board, regularly attends our meetings and has great ideas. He and The Beacon have always been there when we needed advertising or publications assistance due to our very small budget.

Charlie coordinated the Library’s first booth this year at the Sweet Corn Festival, which was a huge success but a monumental task requiring both time and money. Charlie again did this, not for a political vote or for recognition; he did this because of his commitment to the folks in our community.

Charlie truly cares about Buckeye Lake!
Pam Reed
Buckeye Lake

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