2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Walnut Township Schools renewal


There are great things happening at Walnut Township School District. We are moving forward in a positive direction. As a community we have the privilege of sharing in that success.

Everywhere you turn you can see improvements: new roofs, heating/cooling systems, paved parking lots, new lockers, new carpeting, Smart Boards, new text books, improved test scores and the list goes on.

Earlier this year, we had the wonderful opportunity to dedicate the new Ken Keener Track & Field Complex. This came about from community efforts, grants, and our district. When we work together great things happen! For the first time in a long time our students will be able to have their own home track meets. The beauty is that community members are also sharing in the use of that facility on a regular basis.

If you have a chance, visit our district office. Superintendant Ron Thornton has a progress check list on his wall. It has the goals the district has set to accomplish. There are many checkmarks on that list showing progress. We have more goals to accomplish, but we have even more to be proud of and grateful for.

I encourage you to please vote “YES” on Issue 18. This is a renewal issue for Walnut Township School District. It WILL NOT raise your taxes. In fact, it will lower them slightly. The district needs the support of our community. It is “YES” vote for our students, our community and our future.

Dina Reasoner Millersport

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