2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Walnut Township Schools’ levy renewal


A few weeks ago I stopped by the library at Millersport Elementary and it was pandemonium kids were loud, all over the floor, it was ecstatic. Why? They were excited about books, about reading, and were smack dab in the middle of the Fall Book Fair.

A few weeks prior, I stood with a lot of alumni at the dedication of the new Ken Keener Track & Field Complex. The Little Purple Band was in their new uniforms, the new track looked awesome, and one of the best Laker coaches ever was rightfully honored. Storms held off until after half-time, the football team won, and hundreds of local donations helped make this possible.

I’ve been at the school on sobering occasions as well: the recent loss of Gabrielle Butts, last year when Dennis Channel passed, and other such times when students and staff embrace each other tearfully and help one another through these difficult times.

I often see the lights on in Paula Clark’s classroom knowing she and other teachers regularly burn the midnight oil. Having Angie Harrison come home as principal is a boon for MES. Test scores are headed north. Student athletes are working hard. Veteran teachers are helping new ones integrate. Our graduates are excelling in college and bravely serving in our military.

On November 3rd we get to RENEW a levy that will actually cost us less and assure exceptional things continue to happen at Walnut Township Schools. Let’s make it happen. Vote YES on Issue 18.

Pastor Steve Bush Millersport

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