2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Badgeley, Montell


It is my opinion that previous township officials either did not or chose not to invest their time or recourses necessary to resolve the multitude of irregularities over these many years. With the hiring of Tom Spring as Liberty Township Administrator/Zoning Inspector these indiscretions are being addressed in a fair, timely and lawful way.

In the tangled maze of problems that exist, there are two individuals who truly care about the township as a whole; Bob Badgeley and Nancy Montell. My question is do we continue to move forward as we have seen over the past four years or return to the old rhetoric of the past?

It also seems like the good ole boys are up to their old tricks like four years ago when signs for Montell and Linkhorn were taken down or destroyed. Now signs for Montell and Badgeley are missing.

People in this community need to start acting like adults and not vandals. Are those taking the signs afraid of a fair fight for their community?

If they are bullies in removing signs, will they be bullies in office?

My vote is to continue moving forward by voting on November 3rd for Robert Badgeley and Nancy Montell.
Mary Cline
Liberty Township

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