2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Liberty Township sign bandits are back


They’re back!

No, I’m not talking about a phenomenon attributed to an invisible spirit that manifests itself by moving and influencing objects.

I’m talking about a group of people in Liberty Township that are absolutely petrified that Badgeley and Montell will lead the township with fairness and integrity for ALL township residents. Six years ago when I ran for Liberty Township Trustee against incumbent Ivan Ety (Taylor and Keller were the other two trustees at that time) and candidate Randy Kemmerer, my signs were defaced and stolen. Regardless of the sign destruction and my being relatively unknown, I did pretty well in the final vote tally – second place just behind Ety.

Well, here we go again -- “They’re Back”. Recently along Blacklick Eastern Rd (Rt204), only the “Montell/Badgeley” signs disappeared. That is, all the other candidates (Kemmerer, Alt, Keller, Putnam) signs are still posted. While the group responsible for stealing the campaign signs might think they can influence the elections, they can’t steal the numerous accomplishments for Liberty Township while Nancy Montell has been a trustee and they can’t steal the countless hours of service to the community by myself, Bob Badgeley.

I recently had a person tell me that they wanted to give me some advice about running for office: “Don’t have campaign signs that let people connect the dots”. How hard do you think it is for residents who travel down Blacklick Eastern Road to connect the dots when all of the sudden only the “Montell/Badgeley” signs are missing.

Robert B Badgeley Liberty Township

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