2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Elect Badgeley, Montell for managed growth


Elect managed growth candidates Montell and Badgeley for Liberty Township.

Growth and how we manage it, though it’s temporally slow in this economy, will always be the most important issue facing Liberty Township. It impacts our taxes, crime, density, traffic, quality of life, safety, schools, property taxes, our precious, limited farmland, literally every aspect of our lives can easily be negatively impacted as it has in Pickerington’s Violet Township where you now have to build a $750,000 house for your property taxes to pay for two children to go to school !

They will be many years digging themselves out of the mess caused by uncontrolled residential growth. Urban sprawl, high density housing, higher taxes, increased crime, overcrowded schools, increased service loads for fire and police, to mention a few of the problems created by uncontrolled growth can be avoided. We don’t have to make the same mistakes as Violet Township, but we need township leadership that understands the problem and the solution comes at the township level, the ground roots and oldest form of government in our state.

Montell and Badgeley understand we need a land use plan, managed residential growth and a zoning code that works. Both are long standing residents of our township. Mrs. Montell is a trustee and a retired hospice nurse. Mr. Badgeley is a business owner in Baltimore. Vote to keep our township from making the same mistakes that Violet township created for itself for decades to come. Let’s have the right kind of growth !!

Dempsey Ohlinger Liberty Township

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