2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Benefits are great in Union Township


For years, I’ve asked why some $30,000 of our annual real estate taxes goes to Union Township. What do we get in return? Trustees give us an annual $6,000 mutual aid fire contract. Recently, I found out where most of the other $24,000 goes … pretty much in their pockets and to their families instead of ours!

Union Township spent a whopping $150,708 on health insurance last year. That’s to cover four part-time elected officials and their families/spouses and five employees (four have spouses/ families). Township, Buckeye Lake Village and Hebron Village taxpayers are paying the ENTIRE cost of health insurance for everyone with NO DEDUCTIBLE.

Who else gets 100% paid health insurance coverage for their entire family with a ZERO deductible? As for me, I pay $8,334.96 annually with a $1,500 deductible.

There also seems to be another fringe benefit. One of the road employees has been seen using township equipment, such as the backhoe, at his personal residence several times. There is photo documentation. The rest of us, who helped buy that equipment with our taxes, have to rent equipment when we need it.

We have a chance to make a change! When you cast your ballot on November 3, vote for ONLY ONE Union Township candidate, even though there are two positions open. Vote for Charlie Prince!
Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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