2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Beacon, Prince, Wells blamed for Buckeye Lake woes


How many people and businesses have walked away from or not moved to Buckeye Lake because of our paper? This weekend while in a local business I began reading the Beacon, the owner commented on how bad the Beacon was yet many of their patrons read it. They said, “Many of the people have asked them that with all of the stuff that is written in the Beacon why would anyone want to live here? They would never consider it.”

I thought about this, how sad that a community can be so negatively impacted by a newspaper when they could promote the community. Buckeye Lake Fire Department had a great parade; little to no mention of this was in the paper. Could this be that paper does not like the fire department and is not able to objectively support our community? Many people in public office and others have given thanklessly to our village, putting in long hours. They are not recognized for their work, rather ridiculed by a select few that write for/in the paper. Who is the paper anyway Prince, Wells ??? It appears that both spend more time digging up or even creating the negative, rather than promoting the positive. Consider how much damage these two do in the paper to our village, then consider voting for those that have worked hard for our village and for those promoting positive growth. Do your own homework, support your community by voting local services and positive people.
Karen Cookston
Buckeye Lake

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