2009-10-24 / Editorials & Letters

Anonymous hate letter targets Jeff Chorpenning


Our good ole boy network in Bowling Green Township has reached a new low. Tuesday I found a stack of copies of a three-page anonymous smear letter in the Brownsville Post Office. Distribution of any political material in a post office is a federal violation.

The contents are sickening. The hate letter targets Trustee Jeff Chorpenning, making wild accusations and innuendoes. He’s called just about every name in the book and is said to suffer from a mental disorder. But it doesn’t stop there. The anonymous cowards suggest that he has used and sold illegal drugs.

No matter how you feel about Chorpenning’s record as a trustee, this libelous personal attack has gone too far. Jeff and I have criticized township officials, but we have always signed our letters, posted our complaints on our websites or made them in public meetings so you know who is saying what. We haven’t hid behind something like ‘Many Very Concerned Bowling Green Township Citizens.’ We stand behind our statements.

This anonymous letter does more than attack Jeff. It is also designed to be a warning to any citizen who might dare in the future to question how this township is run and your taxes are spent. Don’t dare to question the good ole boys or you might become their next target.

Voters should ask themselves why the good ole boys are so anxious to get rid of Jeff Chorpenning that they resort to such gutter politics. What are they afraid of?

Will Kern Bowling Green Township

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