2009-10-17 / Front Page

Fair To Partly Cloudy

Fairfield County Fair has chilly start
by Scott Rawdon

LANCASTER - Monday morning it was hard to believe that just a couple years ago it was so sweltering hot for the Fairfield County Fair that fairgoers were dripping in sweat by noon. This year was a different story; Monday morning was in the 40s and the sky was overcast.

But, Brandon Marcum, who manned a booth offering stuffed tigers as prizes, said the economy has more of an effect on his business than the weather. "We had a great turnout, yesterday," he said of Sunday. "First day's always great, though. Everyone's excited to be here. Not a whole lot's going to hold them back."

The Fairfield County Fair is one of the last county fairs of the year. It offers many attractions including truck, tractor, and horse pulls, demolition derbies, concerts, bands, and horse races. There is also a large assortment of exhibits and rides for all ages. The Fairfield County Fair runs through Oct. 17. Photos by Scott Rawdon

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