2009-10-17 / Editorials & Letters

Writer questions delay in filling council vacancy


Buckeye Lake Council Member Drew Bourne moved to West Virginia. His resignation letter was read at the 9/28 council meeting. The Charter allows council 30 days to appoint a replacement. Drew has a new job and apartment in West Virginia. His last meeting was August 24. The effective date of his resignation is October 22. If the effective date was September 28 when it was presented, council would have until October 28 to make appointment. The Charter states, “All council members shall be residents of the Village during their entire term.” Council is going against the Charter!

How convenient for Council President Charlene Hayden running for re-election. She has until November 22 to make sure she gets back on council. If she comes in last place out of the four candidates for three seats, she’ll still be there to re-appoint herself to Drew’s seat which has two more years.

In 2007, she came in last place with 183 votes among five candidates with 1,149 residents voting.

But it didn’t matter because she had jumped into John Cortez’s seat. Hayden announced that she would not be running again after that term.

What is her problem with facing voters? If she can’t honor an election, what else can’t she honor? Council needs to quit playing games and fill Drew’s seat BEFORE the election instead of keeping it as a safety net. Shame on President Hayden. I’m not voting for Hayden but, of course, she doesn’t really need ANY of our votes!
Brenda Hileman
Buckeye Lake

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