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Writer does a sign check in Walnut Township


Scott Rawdon wrote an interesting story last week about the trees and plants changing color. That spurred me to go out and see the fall color in my area.

I saw yellow with black, orange on blue, red, white and blue, blue on white, red on white, and red and blue on white with a little yellow. These were the political signages of seven candidates seeking two Walnut Township trustee positions.

I decided to see how many supporters these candidates had in displaying their signs. I focused on residences with one sign, but I kept track of all signage along my travels.

I traveled all of the township, county, and state roads north of and including Canal Road.

I counted 122 residences with only one sign . The red-blue lettering on white with a little yellow signs of candidate Dupler had the most support at 34. Following that was the black on yellow signs of Whitaker at 27, and third was Horn’s red on white 25. The other candidates had only their signs in 19, 9, 4 and 4 yards.

Since there are two trustee positions open, I found 38 residences had pairs of signs in their yards. Out of 21 mathematical election results of seven candidates seeking two trustee positions, I noticed 12 of those pairings while driving. Here the largest pair up was 14 residences that displayed both Slater and Yates signs. Nine residences had the signs of incumbents Dupler and Gabriel.

An interesting note along South Bank was the pair up of Dupler and Yates three times. Those that have followed the fire contract scenario for the past few years know that that would be an interesting election result with both of them having to sit at future township meetings together.

I found four residences that weren’t sure whom to endorse or maybe they thought they get three votes for trustee. These yards supported Dupler-Gabriel- Whitaker, Dupler-Gabriel-Yates, and Dupler-Whitaker-Yates. Or maybe they were trying to confuse their neighbors as to whom they support.

The colors reached their peak about two weekends ago with the last few candidates getting out their signs. The last day to see all these fall colors will be a day or two after November 3.
Tom Tweedle
Walnut Township

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