2009-10-17 / Editorials & Letters

Wells supports C-TEC, street light levies


Haven’t we all, at one time or another, taken a class at C-TEC (the former LCJVS)?

In the 70s, I brushed up on my shorthand at JVS for a job at a local law firm. In the 80s, I enjoyed learning how to use a jointer and planer in my beginning carpentry class. How gratifying it was to finish the class with my own handmade medicine cabinet! In the 90s, I took some software classes. When time allows, I would love to return for some gardening and landscape classes.

Will I vote for C-TEC on November 3? Of course! It’s one of the best values we have in Licking County. No matter your age or interest, you can probably find it at C-TEC! It’s one of Licking County’s greatest assets, besides our local OSUCOTC campus, of course. Such a great return on a small investment of just one mill. Please support C-TEC (Issue 34) on November 3.

I’ll also remind Buckeye Lake Village voters to support Issue 8, a one-mill five-year levy. This is the street light levy even though the ballot language does not specify that. It reads “for the purpose of current expenses” but council has pledged to use this revenue to keep the street lights on. If the levy fails, the streets will go dark. One of our local senior citizens sent me an email concerned that voters would forget the importance of this issue. So, please join Lois Thorp and me in supporting the street lights!
Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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