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Watchdog’ still on the job in Kirkersville


The October council meeting in Kirkersville was soooo scary! This being the time of year for ghouls and goblins, I didn’t really expect they would be in the council meeting. I had hopes that five members of this legislature would not be led down the path of disparity by the one remaining GOB (Good Ole Boy). My hopes aren’t quite shattered yet, but I am disappointed that some of these members seem to be going to the metaphorical dark side. For years, I have had what call a ‘standing request’ for certain records from the Village of Kirkersville and that request has been honored’ by many government officials including some of the former GOB’s. But prior to this October meeting, some of the records I requested were delayed because “the finance committee is looking into the legalities of honoring a standing request.” So

have told the clerk that I will call her phone and leave a message on her machine once a week for the records that I wish to have. This should resolve the problem that certain members have AND it should free up some time for the finance committee to look into some other important things such as…….

According to public records, gasoline was purchased in July by Chief Bossa two times on the same day using two different village credit cards; one purchase was made several hours before he clocked in. The August bills also show that gasoline was purchased two times on the same day by Chief Bossa using both credit cards. One purchase in August was made by Bossa after he was clocked out. Detailed receipts and log sheets should be turned in so as not to create doubt.

A report presented to council by Chief Bossa (prepared by Dana Russell) claims that there was 1532 miles put on the cruiser. However, there was actually 1842 miles put on the cruiser in the month of August.

The gasoline bills increase over the months. The finance committee has authorized the clerk to pay the bill up to $475. Since March, the Flying J fuel bills total the following:

March $ 57.60
April $160.50
May $333.97
June $399.13
July $396.69

August $431.13

The number of police on patrol started at two and grew tof our in May and many times the officers rode together. Now there are only two officers: Chief Bossa and Sergeant  Couch.

In late April, Bossa bought two handheld video cameras at pawn shops in Columbus totaling $195. Those cameras are handheld cameras that are held on the dashboard by Velcro. One camera is now broken, according to Bossa, because an officer hit the brakes hard and the camera flew off the dashboard.. Bossa says, in “May or June,” a camera was donated to Kirkersville by Shawnee Hills after he made a call to their former chief. Bossa says he asked if they still had a camera; were they using it; and could he buy it? Bossa says the former chief said he (Bossa) could have the camera.

I questioned the legality of the police chief giving away village equipment and Bossa said the chief has that authority if the equipment is valued under a thousand dollars. However, I believe wholeheartedly that the police chief does NOT have that authority unless it is given to him by the council through legislation and only after the equipment is deemed ‘useless’ and worth less than a thousand dollars by the legislation of the village council.

I asked how council felt about Chief Bossa thinking he has the authority to give things away and Council member Frischen replied, “He generally comes and asks us.” Her answer was echoed by Council members Temple and Denton. I don’t know that Raines said anything and the other 2 members (Woods and Seymour) were absent.
Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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