2009-10-17 / Editorials & Letters

Trustee candidate’s money management questioned


As a tax paying citizen of Thorn Township, I feel that it is my duty to inform my fellow voters of some very disturbing information that was recently brought to my attention regarding one of the candidates running for Thorn Township. Trustee.

Late last week I was directed to view the Perry County Auditor’s website, www.perrycountyauditor. us and to search Mr. Dennis Lavender’s name. The result of that search alarmed me greatly. I learned that Mr. Lavender is delinquent on his 2009 property taxes for his residence, which were due in July and that he has been delinquent on paying his taxes numerous times in the past.

I was also directed to view the Perry County Court website, www.perrycountycourt.com and conduct a name search on Mr. Lavender. I was again alarmed at my findings, as I found multiple civil cases naming Dennis Lavender as the defendant for failing to pay back large amounts of funds to banks and credit card companies.

As a trustee, Mr. Lavender would be directly involved with the management of taxpayer monies for the township. If he can not manage his own finances, then how can we trust him to manage the taxpayer’s money for Thorn Township? Should we carry the load when he fails to pay his taxes?

Fiscal responsibility starts at home! Make the right choice for trustee.
Constance Green

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