2009-10-17 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Millersport levy renewal


Seventeen years ago, when my wife Heather and I were first married we were living in a Pickerington apartment. We were looking for a place to build a house and settle down. We thought about staying in Pickerington, but didn’t like the rapid growth. We looked out in the country and fell in love with Millersport.

We wondered what the school district would be like in such a small area. We now have three children in the district, one in middle school and two in grade school, and we have been very pleased with their education. The individual attention from the teachers is something that children in larger districts do not have.

I especially love our sense of “community,” from the Sweet Corn Festival and Trick or Treat to how we help and support each other in tough times.

Our school district has made many improvements in the past few years, including muchneeded repairs and upgrades to the facilities as well as improvements in our teachers’ tools such as “smart boards.” We need to keep up the momentum and continue to improve our schools. These are tough economic times, and we are all looking for ways to save money, but saving money at the expense of our children’s education is short sighted.

This renewal levy Twill not increase your taxes; in fact the tax will be less than the previous one. It generates $258,000 per year for our schools and this is our last chance to renew it before it expires. If this levy fails again, the effects will start being felt in January and the school board will have to act immediately to cut costs.

Vote “Yes” on issue 18 to support our children. Now more than ever, a good education is crucial to a better future, and we all need to pull together to help provide this for our children. Some polling locations have changed, so be sure to find out where you vote before Election Day. Call the board of elections at (740) 687-7000 or go on-line to www.fairfieldelections. com.

We made the right choice and are proud to call Millersport our home.
Glen Heileman

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