2009-10-17 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Issue #18 in Millersport


To the residents of Walnut Township School District: Now what do we do?

With state funding for our school district being cut more than $382,500 over the next two years, how in the world are we to educate our children and maintain the school facility for which we have paid dearly thru the years?

We may argue that basing state funding for schools on possible revenue from gambling was dicey at best, the fact remains that we still have an obligation to provide. We can not ignore mandates to education by the state.

Are there any among us who have ideas other than to pass an operating levy now before we get hit with further cuts of funding from the state?

We need to renew this levy (Issue 18) while it lowers our taxes and before further cuts by the state are imposed.

As a retired business owner, I strongly urge everyone to follow their hearts and provide the monies our children and grandchildren deserve. I am a proud graduate of Millersport High School.
Marilyn Pierce

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