2009-10-17 / Editorials & Letters

Letter writer criticized


In your Oct. 3 paper, I was surprised to see a letter from Tom Tweedle. Mr. Tweedle owns over a dozen properties in Millersport and Walnut Township. Most of these properties are basically abandoned and in need of much repair.

Why would Mr. Tweedle be concerned about the Walnut Township election, when he shows no concern about the condition of his properties and how their disrepair affects his neighbors and the community?

Every day I drive past 3093 Maple, 2995 Maple and 2790 Chautauqua. No one lives in these properties. They are not mowed or maintained and are a detriment to the neighborhood.

Walnut Township and Fairfield County have contacted Mr. Tweedle about the condition of these properties, but he shows no concern.

Mr. Tweedle speaks of lackluster and weak leadership in his letter, well he should be thinking about his lackluster properties. Note: I have spoken to Mr. Tweedle directly about this matter, NO RESPONSE.
Ned Coffman
Walnut Twp.

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