2009-10-17 / Editorials & Letters

Buckeye Lake voters urged to support Prince for trustee


I support Charlie Prince for Union Township Trustee because he actually takes action on things that help people in Buckeye Lake Village. He spent more than half a year going to Licking County Commissioners meetings a few years back on the sewer rate issue.

They wanted to increase our sewer bill 69% but Charlie and a few others got that cut down to a 29% increase instead. Where were the current Trustees of Union Township that get paid to do a job but are no where to be found? Charlie saved us tax dollars we can actually spend on our other monthly bills instead of an enormous sewer bill.

I still have flooding issues on my property because of the cornfield across the street. Charlie has been proposed by the county officials, but the current Trustees of Union Township do not. Just what do they do for us? I wouldn’t even know these men if I saw them on the street. I understand we pay taxes to the township but I’m not sure we get anything back. Why don’t they do something for us instead paying all those big benefits to themselves and their employees?

Charlie lost this race last time around by only 30 votes. He needs our support here in Buckeye Lake. Let’s vote for someone who really cares about us and shows us by his actions. Vote for Charlie Prince for Union Township Trustee.
Gayle Thomas
Buckeye Lake

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