2009-10-17 / Editorials & Letters

Bartoe urges residents to renew police levy


I want to ask all Buckeye Lake residents to vote YES for the police levy in November. This levy is NOT a replacement levy, it is a renewal levy. It will not increase your taxes one cent.

If the levy does not pass, it may mean that our police department could be drastically reduced and the coverage of the village would also be drastically reduced. Crime and vandalism will surely rise and we would all be more unsafe. It would be a disaster for the village to be without police protection.

The cost of the 3 mill levy for home owners will be approximately 25 cents per day for a $100,000 home, 13 cents per day for a $50,000 home and only 7 cents per day for a $30,000 home. This is much less than the cost of a pack of cigarettes.

Please don’t be misled by those who oppose our police department. Most of them has either received a traffic citation or has had a run in with the police at one time or another and thus hold a grudge. Don’t let other peoples personal prejudices determine how you vote.

We need our police department. Our officers have worked many years now without a pay raise. This should show their dedication to the village and our residents.

Jim Bartoe
Buckeye Lake Councilman

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