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Why aren’t the bills read before voting


I heave read with interest Mr. Prince’s editorials and the letters of those disagreeing with him and feel compelled to comment. While we may each have very different opinions about things such as cap and trade and health care reform I believe that we have a bigger problem that very few seem to be concerned about.

Ms Fogarty and Mr. Jackson, regardless of your personal views on these subjects, do you not find it alarming that our representatives are voting on bills that they have not even read? I for one find this completly unacceptable!

How can we have a “rational discussion “ when we do not even know what the facts and ideas are? Our elected officials took an oath to represent those who elected them into office, beyond that oath they are very well compensated for their time. My question for Mr. Space would be “did you read the environmental bill (the whole thing) before you voted? Will you read the health care reform bill (once again the whole thing) before you vote on it?”

The same question goes to all who vote on these, and any other legislation. How could anyone in good conscience vote on policy that will directly affect others lives without even reading it? If the bills are too long then maybe they should be shortened, or the time limit extended to allow time to read it, or how about a cut off time after which nothing can be added? Let’s be real – adding 600 pages to ANY bill in the middle of the night before it is to be voted on just defies common sense!!

Mr. Jackson, you paraphrase Goering making it sound like Mr. Prince is creating a climate of panic, but I must say that I do not believe that I have heard any other president ever use the word crisis as much as President Obama has. They keep telling us that we must pass these questionable bills NOW because there is a crisis. As to health care reform, there are some problems that need fixed ,but doesn’t it make you wonder when those telling us that this is the way to go are not willing to be on the same plan that they want to force upon us?

Ms. Fogerty, I agree that we should be good stewards of this wonderful planet that God gave us, but the cap and trade bill contains so much that has nothing to do with our environment. The president even said that his cap and trade bill would raise taxes. I also find it ironic that we will not drill for oil or natural gas in Alaska, but yet we will lend $1.2 billion to Brazil for oil exploration. Are the rain forests not as valuable to the planet as Alaska?

Also you mention mercury levels in fish and then recommend buying better light bulbs. Are you aware that compact fluorescent light bulbs contain on average four milligrams of mercury compared to .12 milligrams in a can of light tuna. Have you seen the clean up steps that our EPA created if you break one of these bulbs. Please check it out.

As to global warming, are you aware that they are concerns that the earth is going into a cooling period (when I was a kid they said another ice age was coming) .

In closing, I believe our problem is not a Republican or a Democrat problem, but rather a corrupt government problem. Let’s face there isn’t much difference between the two parties, and it has us divided. A house divided can not stand.

If our representatives choose to act like elitists that think they know what is best for us instead of listening to us and truly representing our will, then we should vote them out. And if the two big parties can not come up with a worthy candidate then we should throw everything behind the little guy running against the big dogs. I bet that little guy would actually do the job.

One last thing, just because some of us do not agree with President Obama does not mean that we wish for him to fail, because if he fails, we THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA fail. I really hope that he can do what he has promised, but common sense tells me not to hold my breath.
Sharon Stroud

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