2009-10-10 / Editorials & Letters

Horn wants trustees to address fire contract before the election


This letter was sent to Walnut Township Trustees Sonny Dupler, Wally Gabriel, and Ralph Zollinger.

I am appealing to you to fulfill the duties of your office and address the proposed fire contract that was delivered to your office on Sept. 18 by the Village of Millersport without further delay, in a special evening meeting ( as called for by The Beacon) well before Election Day.

As I witnessed at the trustee meeting on 9/22, you all stated or by your silence agreed, that you did not see the contract. Is it true that the contract was lost in your office for five days and none of you saw it or knew it was coming? Note: The 9/19 Beacon issue reported it would be coming. Mr. Dupler, did you receive the voice-mail from Mr. Popo telling you that the contract would be there?

Chairman Zollinger, I am asking you to call this meeting regardless of an upcoming election.

What is the truth with? You had no problem refuting the letter to the editor of 9/19 from Mr. Smith. Why have you not come forward and defended your actions that were printed in the 9/26 Beacon? You stated in the rebuttal to Mr. Smith that your door is always open; kindly open the door now with a special evening meeting to discuss the proposed Millersport Contract.

I am mailing this letter to your homes and certified copies to the Township office. Please respond by end of business, 10/9.
Terry W. Horn
Candidate for Walnut Township Trustee

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