2009-10-10 / Editorials & Letters

CTEC levy is an investment in our future


Today I voted for OUR future! Today I voted for YOUR future!

I voted for the Career & Technical Education Centers of Licking County levy and my wife Jamie and I do not have children.

Why? A good education for your children truly affects Licking County’s economic opportunity to succeed and my future.

If we want to sustain our life style and infrastructure, public safety, human support that government supplies, we must increase the wage levels of our residents. How do we increase the wage levels? Increase their education to earn more! Increase their lifetime earnings through a CTEC education!!!

The wages of a drop out compared to a high school graduate equals $1,000,000 more for the graduate during their lifetime; $1,700,000 more for the graduate of a twoyear degree during their lifetime.

Why do the majority of the company’s at the Licking County Chamber Manufacturing Council support a CTEC tax increase? Because the companies tell us that the future of our ability to compete for jobs is through education. Educate the community and have the best possible resources for the companies.

Do you want a workforce just capable of manual labor or do you want a workforce capable of doing research and value added?

I work with manufacturing companies in Licking County every day. Each one of them values a good Career & Technical Education Centers of Licking County education. Education and good jobs work in tandem. You cannot get one without the other. You are truly investing in the future of the community by investing in a CTEC education.
Rob Klinger
Licking County Development

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