2009-10-10 / Editorials & Letters

Another Letter: ‘Incumbents have actually done a commendable job’


Tax millage for fire protection in northern Walnut Township and Millersport is nearly all permanent. That’s a great thing. The money is to protect lives and property.

The township distributes and Millersport relays he money to the Millersport firefighters, one of two departments in the township. There are variables in how the money can be allocated: how many runs does the department go out on; what are its operating and equipment purchasing costs; what in general are its most pressing needs? A list could go on.

A formula in state law is needed to show how heavily the number of runs is considered, the payroll (though many firefighters are volunteers), the condition of personal gear and rolling equipment and the status of training.

Another area not so wellknown is the order under which firefighters are dispatched, the geographical “home” districts of each department and how they are determined, the ours of daily run availability at each station and who is to be called from mutual aid.

So how are the leaders of the township, village and Millersport fire service getting along? Can it be having an effect on the election of two of the township trustees?

Yes, this is government in a small community. We know everybody, or think we do.

The incumbents have actually done a commendable job. The only ways to know our trusees well are to attend their meetings regularly, ask questions, and read balanced news coverage. I lay claim to two out of the three.
Larry Neeley
Walnut Township

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