2009-09-12 / Editorials & Letters

Writer supports Licking County senior levy


My father, Lewis, was severely handicapped by a stroke in 2001. He was mentally very alert but unable to walk or speak. I was unable to ever leave him alone, which made trips to the grocery, my doctor's appointments, etc, difficult to make.

I was told about the Reese Adult Day Care Center, to which could take him during the daytime so I could get things done. I brought him to the Reese Adult Day Center about once a week for seven years. There was always something going on for him to do - outings, crafts, exercise, and health teachings, geared to his abilities. The staff was friendly and he loved going there. I saw how the staff genuinely cared for each person at the Center.

Earlier this year my father passed away. I was so impressed with the care he received at the Reese Adult Day Center that when the nursing position opened there, I applied.

I am now a nurse working at the Reese Adult Day Center in Newark. I see firsthand what a great service the Reese Adult Day Center and the Senior Levy is to the community.

I sincerely hope the Licking County Senior Levy passes, so we will be able to continue to help the elderly and disabled. Pam Courson Newark

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